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Sexo en Nueva York (Sex and the City) - Temporada 4

Capítulo 49 The Agony and the 'Ex'-tacy – La agonía y el éxtasis

Kristy MacColl - In These Shoes
DJ Rodriguez - My Magic Carpet
Richard Worth - The Fourth Floor
DJ Rodriguez - By the Light of the Moon
Ken Bichel - Clare

Capítulo 50 The Real Me – La Verdadera Yo

Ricky Martin - She Bangs
Richard Worth - See How Far
DJ Rodriguez - Groove Factory Theme
DJ Rodriguez - Monday Again
Maxwell - Get to Know Ya
Jeff Sharel - Tribute Part Two
Paul Sabu - Rosabel Discofied Dub
Spiderbait - Shazam
Red Venom - Let's Get It On
Cheryl Lynn - Got to be Real

Capítulo 51 Defining Moments – Momentos definitorios

Mark Berman – Engagement Party 1
Rob Mounsey - Sub Rosa
Da Lata - Binti
Fourpiece Suit - Sonya
Joao Gilberto - Tin Tin Por Tin Tin
Carol Dene - Hold Me Tight
Momi Ochion - Global Minstrel
Dum Dum Project - Blessings
Baaba Maal - Souka Nayo (Thievery Corporation Mix)
Momi Ochion - Inshalla (Ya Salam)

Capítulo 52 "What's Sex Got to Do With It?" * - ¿Qué tiene que ver el sexo con esto?

Richard Davis - Another
Richard Davis - Josh
DJ Rodriguez - Groove to the Sky
Fantastic Plastic Machine - Bossa For Jackie
Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo
Rob Mounsey - Grease Monkey
Richard Davis - Dealing
Richard Davis - Persia My Dear
Rob Mounsey - Grease Monkey
Alasdair Fraser - Calliope House/The Cowboy Jig
Lawrence Feldman - When I Fall in Love

Capítulo 53 "Ghost Town" - Ciudad fantasma

Bob Christianson - Funky Punky
Rob Mounsey - El Picador
G. Rene - Let It Go
Exodus Quartet - Los Gatos
Royal Ballet Sinfonia - Pirates of Penzance
P'taah - Flying High
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way?
Erik Schrody - Love For Real

Capítulo 54 "Baby, Talk is Cheap" - Baby, hablar es gratis

Ubiquity - Zum Zum
Velvet Chain - You Got Me
Afro Celt Sound System – North

Capítulo 55 "Time and Punishment" - Tiempo y castigo

Jonathan Maron - Natural High
Pell Mell - Interloper
The Waco Brothers - It's Not Enough
The Satellites - Dream Geography
Fuzz Townsend - Original Boom
Herb Alpert – Rotation

Capítulo 56 My Motherboard, My Self - Mi placa base y yo

Bob Christianson - Groovy Guy on a B - Full
Barry Manilow - Copacabana
Zino and Tommy - The Funk Game
Joe Carr - Under Paris Skies / La la Collette
Jumbo Music Group - Retroquark
Milt Buckner - The Beast
Rob Mounsey - Emma's Friend

Capítulo 57 Sex and the Country - El sexo y el pueblo

Bob Christianson - It's a Heartbreak
Rolf Barnes - Top of the Sixes
Los Straitjackets - Man from S.W.A.M.P.

Capítulo 58 Belles of the Balls - Reinas de las bolas

Wang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight
Walter Salas-Humara - Mini-Van
Don Carlos - Sueño de Bahia
The Dum-Dum Project - Jaani Jaan
The Bionaut - Electric Campfire Revisited
Billy Joel - New York State of Mind

Capítulo 59 Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda - Podría haber, debería haber, si hubiera

Blaze - More Than Gold -The Shelter Mix
Hooverphonic - Waves
Pat C. & Fantastic Plastic Machine - Pura Saudade
Richard Worth - Native
Steven Boyd and Chuck Hoover - My Rainbow is You
The Fantastic Plastic Machine - Pura Saudabe (Optiganally Mix)

Capítulo 60 Just Say Yes - Decir sí

Sad Rockets - Leaky Faucet Skank
Bob Christianson - Blues by the Pound
Bob Christianson - A Bumpin' Groove
Flying Pop's - Deep and Warm
Flying Pop's - Flying to Frisco
Flying Pop’s - Chinese Bubbles
Aqua Bassino - A Mellow Key
St. Andrew's Ball - Eightsome Reel
Yo-Yo Ma - Second Time Around
Black Mighty Orchestra - Rua Escondida

Capítulo 61 The Good Fight - La gran pelea

Jeff Sharel - Tribute One
Richard Worth - An'Teallach
Louis Livingstone - Sweet Rose
Louis Livingstone - Home Again
Quincy Jones and Claus Ogerman - Seaweed
Sade - By Your Side

Capítulo 62 All That Glitters... - Todo lo que reluce

Comden and Green - New York New York! / Lonely Town
Peeper Mashay - I've Got My Pride
Victor Calderone ft. Deborah Cooper - Are You Satisfied
Rosabel ft. Jeanie Tracy - The Power
Pell Mell - On Approach
Cassell Reder - Funkalicious
Jeff Sharel - Venuste
Mondo Grosso - Vibe PM
Karaoke All Stars - These Boots Are Made for Walking (In the Style of Nancy Sinatra)
Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice

Capítulo 63 Change of a Dress - Cambio de dirección

Nancy Shane - Tea for Two
Evan Olson - Eighth Avenue Shuffle (from the CD: Evan Olson: Never Seen)
Michael Sherwood - No Way
Bob Christianson - Close to You (They Long to Be)
Joe Faraci/Hans Gutknecht/Robert Kennedy - On a Mission
Fourpiece Suit - Take the Park
Milt Reder - The Fountain
Bob Christianson - Sensitive
The Satellites - Wayward Pup

Capítulo 64 Ring a Ding Ding

Mogwai - Close Encounters
Sage Schwarm/Thomas Noble - Air India
Rob Mounsey - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Flying Pop's - Cote Quest
The Chaozhou Ensemble - You Hua Yuan
Zeb - Brazilenco
The Bionaut - Lubricate Your Living-Room
Savourna Stevenson - Come Try Me

Capítulo 65 A 'Vogue' Idea - Una idea en boga

Billie Holiday - Body and Soul
Only Child - When 6 Loves 9
Dan Lieberstein - Charlotte's Room
Nancy Shane - Memories of Dad
Tim O'Neill - Baby Mobile
Rob Mounsey - Blue Martini
Isolée - Beau Mot Plage
Rob Mounsey - Kandy Kloset
Zino & Tommy - Cairo Coffee

Capítulo 66 I Heart NY - Amo Nueva York

Rob Mounsey - Floaters
Henry Mancini - Moon River
Nancy Shane - Through the Window
Tim O'Neill - Tim's Cocktail Piano
Toots Thielemans - Hard to Say Goodbye
Rob Mounsey - Floaters
Marc Black and The Accidental Orchestras - Altered Cowboys
Toots Thielman - Hard to Say Goodbye

Premios MTV a la mejor canción de película

El año corresponde al de la ceremonia de entrega de premios:

1992 - Everything I Do I Do It For You (Bryan Adams) de la película Robin Hood, príncipe de los ladrones (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves)

1993 - I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston) de la película El Guardaespaldas (The Bodyguard)

1994 - Will You Be There (Michael Jackson) de la película Liberad a Willy (Free Willy)

1995 - Big Empty (Stone Temple Pilots) de la película El Cuervo (The Crow)

1996 - Sittin' Up In My Room (Brandy) de la película (Esperando un Respiro) Waiting to Exhale

1997 - Machinehead (Bush) de la película Pasión Obsesiva (Fear)

1998 - Men In Black (Will Smith) de la película Hombres de Negro (Men in Black)

1999 - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Aerosmith) de la película Armageddon

2009 - The Climb (Miley Cyrus) de la película Hannah Montana: La Película (Hannah Montana: The Movie)

Sexo en Nueva York (Sex and the City)

Para la sintonía, acudid a esta entrada.

Desde los siguientes enlaces podréis obtener información (que iré ampliando), acerca de la música que suena en los capítulos de la serie Sexo en Nueva York (Sex in the City).

Temporada 1. (Capítulos 1 a 12)
Temporada 2. (Capítulos 13 a 30)
Temporada 3. (Capítulos 31 a 48)
Temporada 4. (Capítulos 49 a 66)
Temporada 5. (Capítulos 67 a 74)
Temporada 6. (Capítulos 75 a 94)

Sexo en Nueva York (Sex and the City) - Temporada 6

Capítulo 75 To Market, To Market

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - King of Swing

Mark Berman - A Bright Day

Ralphi Rosario - Second Reunion

Lisa Gutkin - Harry Needs a Jew

Louie R. - Up 'n' Down

Rich Goldman & Dan Silver -Sultry Groove

Lisa Gutkin - Gifelte Fish

Lisa Gutkin - Can't Have Kids

Rich Goldman & Dan Silver - Sultry Groove

Joel Evans - Somewhere In a Dream

Bob Christianson - Face the Baby

Zino & Tommy - The Day I'll See You Again

Capítulo 76 Great Sexpectations

Ohm Guru - Deep Dream Deep

Dave Glasser - Deep Dark

Shabaz - Jewleh Lal (Name of Sufi Saint Lai Qalander)

Louie R. - Inner Sky

Bob Christianson - The Big Chill

Lisa Gutkin - Charlotte looks for the Rabbi

Gazzara - La Isla Del Amor

Jeffrey Mironov - Everything & the Blues

Nickodemus featuring Carol C. - Cleopatra in New York (zim zam remix)

Lisa Gutkin - Charlotte crashes Shabbos

Boozoo Bajou - Yoruba Road

Fragmentorchestra - Metropolis

U2 - Even Better Than the Real Thing

Capítulo 77 The Perfect Present

Highwater Rising - Can't Wait Around

Ursula 1000 - Savoir Faire

Tuatara - 25th Street and 6th Avenue

A Man Called Adam - So You Say

Tommy Guerrero - Broken Blood

Dean Martin - White Christmas

Bob Christianson - White Dreydl

Rob Mounsey - Coquette

Mogwai - Kids Will Be Skeletons

Peter Sokolow (Arreglos) - Shnirela Perele (Tradicional)

Tim O'Neill - Mockingbird

Capítulo 78 Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little

Rob Mounsey - Kingfish

David Visan & Carlos Campos - Irish Coffee

Little Big Bee - Searchin'

Highwater Rising - Kissing Tree

Capiozzo & Mecco - Small Club

Honeymunch - Urxa

Zino and Tommy - Funky Omlette

Television Robbers - Puddleflower

Bob Christianson - Step Lightly

Capítulo 79 Lights, Camera, Relationship

Jeff Mironov - Acoustic 1

Guy and Cesar - A.L.L.

Sidewinder - Afro Life

Bob Christianson - To Be Lonely

Michael Tello - Barrio Beats

Alisa Eisenberg & Richard Bredice - In a Heartbeat

Paul Oakenfold - Ready, Steady, Go

Alisa Eisenberg & Patrick Woodland - Wrong Club

Marshall Crenshaw - Hey Bill

Capítulo 80 Hop, Skip And A Week

Evan Olson - Beautiful World

Matt Ender & Thom Rotella - Girl Talk

Zeb - Spy from Cairo

Michael Tello - Barrio Beats

Bob Christianson - Lost

The Tao of Groove - Coda

Billy Stein - Let Me In

Bob Christianson - The Good Mom

Bob Christianson - It's OK

Earl Rose - Down to Rio

Badly Drawn Boy - I Love N.Y.E.

Bob Christianson - Broken Flowers

Capítulo 81 The Post-it Always Sticks Twice

Boozoo Bajou - YMA

Bob Christianson - That Dress

Jamiroquai - Main Vein

Ralphi Rosario - Sounds So Good (Dub Mix)

Organic Audio - Good to Go

Karaoke - Donna Summer / Bruce Roberts - Whenever There Is Love

Deep Purple - Smoke On the Water

Moby - Jam for the Ladies

Donna Summer and Bruce Roberts - I Got Your Love

Capítulo 82 The Catch

Nino Rota - L'illusionista

Bob Christianson - No Clues

Nancy Shayne - Think Trapeze

Cynthia Nixon - The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze (Traditional)

Louie R. - Hidden Toys

Bob Christianson - Miss Me Yet

Boris Savchuk - Avriemel Der Marvicher

Boris Savchuk - Moyshele, Mayn Fraynd

Shane Fontayne - Little Napoleons

The Klezmatics - Kats Un Moyz (Cat and Mouse)

The Klezmatics - Khosn Kale Mazltov (Traditional)

Michelle Branch - Breathe

Capítulo 83 A Woman's Right to Shoes

Ming+FS - The Most Dangerous Drip

Bona Fide - Club Charles

Bob Christianson - Tea Time

Highwater Rising - Lie Awake

Ali Handal - Slave to Ambition

Laurie Berkner - Clean It Up

Bob Christianson - The Big Chill

Bona Fide - Tio Pepe

Capítulo 84 Boy, Interrupted

Bona Fide - The Block

Bob Christianson - Kiss from Brazil

Audiolotion - As Velas

Clubfeet – Freestyle

Burgomaster - Push

Streetlife Originals - The Assassin, Act I

Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary

Alisa Eisenberg and Patrick Woodland - Sunkissed

Crazy Penis - Starwar

Belladonna - Inspiration Zone

Chicago - If You Leave Me Now

Capítulo 85 The Domino Effect

Bob Christianson - It's Fate

Kitaro - Angels We Have Heard on High

Bob Christianson - Slide to Side

Tommy Guerrero - Falling Awake

Bob Christianson - She's a Babe

Kitaro - Angels We Have Heard on High

Dan Silver, Steve Luxenberg and Rich Goldman - Last Night

Louie R. - Hotel Blues

Bob Christianson - Solitude

Kitaro - Angels We Have Heard on High

Zero 7 - In the Waiting Line

Capítulo 86 One

Popular Beat Combo - Dub Boy Retro

Regina Carter - Pavane pour une infante defunte

Tommy Guerrero - Thank You MK

Bob Christianson - The Cookie Crisis

Paco and Stevo - Ponga Ponga

Fila Brazillia - D.N.A.

A Man Called Adam - Yachts

Regina Carter - Pavane

Billy Stein - Sex Russian

Werner "Vana" Gierig - The Dinner

A Man Called Adam - Yachts

Matt Ender and Thom Rotella - Slimey

Zero 7 - Polaris

Capítulo 87 Let There Be Light

Jon Hopkins - Cerulean

Universal Principles - Voodoo Sun

Honeyroot - Sunrise Sunset

Peter Daou - Seventh Space

6 String BBoyz - Higher Love

dZihan & Kamien - Stiff Jazz

Caia - Heavy Weather

Barrio Jazz Gang - Bellavista (Nu-House Jazz remix by Roby J.C.)

Kenneth Burgomaster - Paint the Town

Popular Beat Combo - In the Draft

Adny & the Persuader - The Beauty of Final Causes

Jon Hopkins - Elegiac

Capítulo 88 The Ick Factor

Hawke - Mass

Mikhail Baryshnikov - Adah's Theme

Charles Schillings & Pompon F.- Tengo Nada (Acoustic Instrumental)

Bizet - Jeux D'enfants: Berceuse

Jon Hopkins - Halcyon

Louie R. - French Roses

Bob Christianson - Up Front

Joe Fingers Carr - Under Paris Skies

Bob Christianson - The Funky Frog

Emerson String Quartet - String Quartet No. 2 in D: II. Scherzo

Mikhail Baryshnikov (Arreglos y dirección: Michel Columbier) - Adah's Theme

Kostia - Sunrise

Dave Glasser - Ode to a Toad

Bob Christianson - Just Talk to Me

Capítulo 89 Catch-38

Bob Christianson - The Code

Bill Miller - Approaching Thunder

Sergei Prokofiev - Peter in the Meadow (Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra)

Alisa Eisenberg and Patrick Woodland - Between the Lines

Miguel Migs - Take Me to Paradise (Mig's Summer Lover's Dub)

Christopher O'Riley - Prelude in F# Major, Op. 28, No. 13 (Chopin)

Tommy Guerrero - The Colour of Life

Bill Miller - Approaching Thunder

Keith Crane - Saunter

Jon Hopkins - Lost In Thought

Capítulo 90 Out of the Frying Pan

Joi - Fingers

Hank Jones - Ruby, My Dear

Modaji - La Cosa Mas Chunga

The Dining Rooms - Prigionieri del Deserto

Popular Beat Combo - Simon's Bounty

Kitsch - 60's Shuffle

Honeyroot - Cooky

Bob Christianson - Unbreakable

Audiolotion - Jacuzzi Jazz

Didier Rachou - All Is Forgiven

Popular Beat Combo - Quarky

Alisa Eisenberg and Patrick Woodland - Two for Tea

Pulse - Face the 70's

Capítulo 91 The Cold War

Rest Area - BPM 240

Tony Phillips - Uptown Party

Bob Christianson - Undecided

Didier Rachou - Lucky Strike

Sean Dinsmore - Silk Road

Poncho Sanchez - Carmen Suite No. 1: Les toreadors

Offenbach - Can-Can

Ming+FS - The Answer

James Morrison & Jonathan Zwartz - Groove

Poncho Sanchez - Joseito

S.U.M.O.- Santiago Boys (Main Bounce)

Arto Lindsay - Illuminated

Capítulo 92 Splat!

Louie R.- Revolving Doors

Billy Stein - Elegance

Clifford Brown - Wail Bait

Bossa Nostra - The Crickets Sing for Anamaria

Bizet - La Jolie Fille De Perth: Scenes Bohemiennes: Prelude

Honeyroot - Airwalk

Blanchette & Michelini III - Bouree from French Suite IV

Billy Stein - Lovely

Jeffrey Taylor - Out on Your Own

Zino & Tommy - No Miracles Today

Sylvia Cuenca and Kyle Koehler - Miss Cs Shuffle

Alan Lazar - Things Work Out

The Tao of Groove - Prelude No.1

Capítulo 93 An American Girl in Paris (Part Une)

Angelo - Magic Elephant

Jon Hopkins - Searchlight

Audiolotion - El Mensaje

Jon Hopkins - Searchlight

Didier Rachou - Bon Voyage Carrie

Alisa Eisenberg & Patrick Woodland - The Big O

Didier Rachou - Bon Voyage Carrie

Christopher O'Riley - Musette En Rondeau (Rameau)

Bob Christianson - The View

Mikhail Baryshnikov (Arreglos y dirección: Michel Columbier) - Adah's Theme

Bob Christianson - Russian Romance

Didier Rachou - Arrival in Paris

Ralphi Rosario - Rhythm Sway

Loner - French Movie

Rest Area - Blue Bass

Leo Abrahams - Mirror Sister

Belton Richard - Il Fait Chaud

Capítulo 94 An American Girl in Paris (Part Deux)

Gotan Project - Queremos Paz

Billy Stein - Let Me In

Deep Area - Mad Love For Ya

Buddha Soul Project - Brazil in My Mind

Ralphi Rosario & Craig J. Snider - Nocturne #3

Mikhail Baryshnikov (Arreglos y dirección: Michel Columbier) - Adah's Theme

Billy Stein - Sex Wars

Bob Christianson - My Book

Bob Christianson - A Welcome Surprise

Louie R. - Reality

Platform 6 - Le Pont de Coeurs

Louie R. - Reality

MC Solaar - La Belle et le Bad Boy

Jon Hopkins - Luna Moth

Bob Christianson - The View

Didier Rachou - Big Gets His Groove On

Bob Christianson - The Big Kiss

Jon Hopkins - Cold Out There

Bob Christianson - The Invitation

Candi Staton - You Got the Love (Now Voyager Mix)

El Séquito (Entourage) - Temporada 1

Capítulo 1 - Entourage (Ese Maldito Guión)

Drag On - Bang Bang Boom
INI - Grown Man Sport
Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way
The Who - Eminence Front
Outkast - Hey Ya!
Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama
Joe Budden - Fire
G Unit - Wanna Get 2 Know You
De La Soul (ft. Redman) - Oooh
Sean Anthony - Barely Holding On
Jet - Cold Hard Bitch
Jay Z - Lucifer

Capítulo 2 - The Review (La Crítica)

Damian Valentine - Smack Um Down
Grafh - I Don't Care
Damian Valentine - Turn Around
Gang Starr - Work
Jay Z - 99 Problems
INI - It's a Love Thing
Franz Ferdinand - Darts of Pleasure
Snoop Ft. Pharrell - Beautiful
Yerba Buena - Guajira
Seth Marcel - Let Me Show You
Faith Evans - All Night Long

Capítulo 3 - Talk Show (La Entrevista)

Northstar - On The Grind
Medicine - I M Yrs
Blinky Blink - Make Me Wanna Sing
LL Cool J - Headsprung
Danger Mouse & Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life
The Allman Brothers Band - South Bound

Capítulo 4 - Date Night (Cita Nocturna)

Joseph Vitarelli - Find Me
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light
Bubba Sparxx - Jimmy Mathis
Crystal Method - Born Too Slow
Kings of Leon - California Waiting
Punjabi MC Ft. Twista - Beware of the Boys
Britney Spears - Toxic
Lenny Kravitz & Jay-Z - Storm
Baby Tee Love - It's Up Now
Faith Evans - All Night Long
Black Eyed Peas - The Boogie That Be

Capítulo 5 - The Script and the Sherpa (El Guión y el Sherpa)

Electric Soft Parade - There's a Silence
Ol' Dirty Bastard - Got Your Money
Phantom Planet - 1st Things 1st
Punjabi MC - Soundz of the Des
Tosca - Everyday Tonight
Tosca - Honey (Supatone 2 Dub)
Finley Quaye - This Is How I Feel
Toots & The Maytals & Willie Nelson - Still Is Still Moving To Me
Seth Marcel - Come On

Capítulo 6 - Busey and the Beach - Busey y la Playa

Joseph Vitarelli - 114
Joseph Vitarelli - Trio
Joseph Vitarelli - Chuck Justo
Joseph Vitarelli - Bossa
Joseph Vitarelli - Piano Lounge
Snow Patrol - Tiny Little Fractures
Method Man - Bring The Pain
Damian Valentine - Crossin' Da Line
The Roots - Don't Say Nuthin'
The Doors - Peace Frog

Capítulo 7 - The Scene (La Escena)

Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through The Jungle
Danzig - Twist Of Cain
Felix Da Housecat - Walk With Me
Blinky Blink - Make Me Wanna Sing

Capítulo 8 - New York (Nueva York)

Los Lonely Boys - Real Emotions
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Empty Arms
Los Lonely Boys - Heaven
Nada Surf - Inside Of Love
Sean Anthony & DJ Qwik - Does Heaven Exist For Us
Danger Mouse & Jemini - Ghetto Pop Life
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Rise Or Fall
Young MC - Feel The Love
Joe Walsh - Funk #49

El Séquito (Entourage)

Desde los siguientes enlaces podréis obtener información (que iré ampliando), acerca de la música que suena en los capítulos de la serie El Séquito (Entourage).

Temporada 1. (Capítulos 1 a 8)
Temporada 2. (Capítulos 9 a 22)
Temporada 3. (Capítulos 23 a 42)
Temporada 4. (Capítulos 43 a 54)
Temporada 5. (Capítulos 55 a 66)

El Séquito (Entourage) Temporada 2

Episodio 9 - The Boys are Back in Town

Kings of Leon - Wasted Time
The Allman Brothers - Statesboro Blues
Mos Def - Ghetto Rock
Nitty - Nasty Girl
Beck - E-Pro
Dirty Little Secret - Long Gone
Kings Of Leon - King of the Rodeo
A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario
Muse - Time is Running Out

Episodio 10 - My Maserati Does 185

Slimm Thug - Do It For You
Mista Raja - Life is Good
Quantic - Don't Joke W/ a Hungry Man
Mewzic Monsterz - Champ
Nitty - Hey Bitty
Grand National - Boner
Slimm Thug - Incredible Feeling
Akon - Showout
Interpol - Slow Hands
Gorillaz - Dare
Free - All Right Now

Episodio 11 - Aquamansion

Amerie - 1 Thing
Kings of Leon - Pistol of Fire
Z-Trip - Breakfast Club
Queens Of The Stone Age - Little Sister
Go - He's Been Lying
The Game - How We Do
Franz Ferdinand - This Fire
Slim Thug - Move Something (Chicken Strip)
Guerilla Black - Sunrise
Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive
Master Source - Chaos Surrounds You
Charles Wright - Express Yourself
Gap Band - Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)
Slim Thug - Move Something (Chicken Strip)
Aretha Franklin - Baby I Love You

Episodio 12 - An Offer Refused

Episodio 13 - Neighbors

Episodio 14 - Chinatown

Episodio 15 - The Sundance Kids

Episodio 16 - Oh, Mandy

Episodio 17 - I Love You Too

Episodio 18 - The Bat Mitzvah

Episodio 19 - Blue Balls Lagoon

Episodio 20 - Good Morning Saigon

Episodio 21 - Exodus

Episodio 22 - The Abyss


La música original de esta serie es obra del compositor nacido en Alemania, Ramin Djawadi.
También podemos encontrar su trabajo en series como Prison Break o películas como Batman Begins o Piratas del Caribe.

Si necesitáis información acerca de las canciones que suenan en cada uno de los capítulos de FlashForward, consultad este enlace.

FlashForward (Temporada 1)

Listado de canciones que aparecen en los diversos episodios de la primera temporada de la serie FlashForward (para información relativa a la música original pasaros por aquí)

Episodio Piloto - Se acabaron los días buenos

Mos Def - Quiet Dog
Miss Eighty 6 - Goodie Bag
Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Islands In The Stream
Mojave 3 - All Your Tears

Episodio 102 - Las Blancas Juegan (White to Play)

Nick Drake - Place To Be

Episodio 103 - 137 Sekunden

KC and the Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes
Smashing Pumpkins - To Sheila
Jeff Buckley - Lover You Should've Come Over

Episodio 104: "Black Swan"

Bjork - It's Oh So Quiet
Original Parliament - Atomic Dog
Iko - Look What You've Done To Me

Episodio 105 - Dime Algo que Sea Verdad (Gimme Some Truth)

Harrison & The Majestic Kind - Can You Find Me Love
Sugarplum Fairies - A Story
The Estate - Wait In Line
Night Ranger - Sister Christian
The Rolling Stones - Like A Rolling Stone

Episodio 106 - Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

Sea Wolf - Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
Rufus Wainwright - Across The Universe

Episodio 107 - El Regalo (The Gift)

Skold - I Will Not Forget

(escuchadla en: Skold )

Episodio 108 - Jugando a las cartas con un zorro (Playing Cards With Coyote)

Pearl Jam - Unthought Known

Episodio 109 - Believe

Buttersprites - Cherry Blosom
Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm
Soul Flower Union - Shelter From The Storm
El Gato - I Can't Explain The Things I Do